“Our goal is to impress our clients by providing intellectual propertyservices of the highest quality.”

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm was established in 1995, and has continued toexpand its business. As of 2009, 20 patent attorneys, as well as a staff of 80,work in close cooperation to provide intellectual property services.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm has been recognized by clients for patentspecifications of excellent quality. By achieving high reliability, we havebecome leaders in protecting leading technology both domestically in South Koreaand internationally. We provide intellectual property services of the highestquality based on professionalism and years of experience through dedication andpassion.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm aims to provide intellectual propertyservices of the highest quality.

he 21st Century Patent & Law Firm includes patent attorneys and technicalprofessionals who are highly experienced in various fields, such as electricity,electronics, communications, machinery, materials, chemistry, biology,semiconductors, computer technology, etc. We hire competent individuals, and weprovide additional opportunities such as domestic and foreign training, lawschool support, in-house training, language studies, etc. We spare no expense toincrease the capabilities of our professionals.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm provides comprehensive intellectual propertyservices, such as obtaining intellectual property rights, technology valuation,licensing and lawsuits, based on professionalism and experience. We haveaccumulated experience and know-how in domestic filing and registration, as wellas in obtaining intellectual property rights in various areas overseas, such asthe United States, Japan, China and Europe. We are also capable of providingpatent survey and evaluation services and technology transfer services in closecooperation with companies such as Techran Corp. and 21PATECH. In addition, weprovide consultation services to support the research and development (R&D), aswell as the strategic agenda of companies. These consultation services includepatent trend surveys, securing domestic and foreign core patents, strengtheningpatent portfolios, infringement analyses, dispute resolution, etc.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm aims to impress clients through dedicationand passion.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm provides services to completely protectclients’ valuable intellectual property, both domestically and internationally,in this era of rapidly changing environments and intense technologicalcompetition. We intend to impress and satisfy our clients through theseservices. We treat our clients as genuine partners, and our members work hardthrough passion and dedication to gain our clients’ confidence and conductbusiness with our clients.

From All employees of the 21st Century Patent & Law Firm