“Leader in the conversion of patent rights, utility model rights, design rights and trademark rights”

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm has many professionals who are highlyexperienced in trademark applications, lawsuits and examinations. Our clients’ trademarks, which include brands incorporating the value of products, andoriginal designs, which are products of originality, need to be protected fromlegal action from third parties, such as infringement lawsuits.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm has professionals who are well-versed fromhaving a great deal of practical experience. Through this, we offer our clientsa protection method that maximizes the possibility of our clients being able toobtain rights. We provide solutions that firmly protect rights from rejectionsand objections that can be raised during the application process, andcancellation and invalidation trials that can occur after registration.

In addition, we are able to guarantee secure use of trademarks through rightsarbitration with other registered trademarks and designs belonging to thirdparties. Warnings are sent and compensation for damage claims are made inrelation to infringing acts by third parties in order to ensure the bestpossible rights protection for our clients.

  • Registration possibilities are examined through trademark/design searches beforefiling
  • Consultations are provided regarding exercising and the practical use oftrademark/design rights.
  • Legal services are provided for rejections and objections that are raised duringthe application process.
  • Warning notices are prepared, trials are held and lawsuits and filed accordingto possible trademark/design infringement.
  • Trademark/design licenses are managed.
  • Foreign trademark applications are filed and international trademarkapplications are filed according to the Madrid system for the internationalregistration of marks (Madrid system).