Patnets/Utility Models

Patnets/Utility Models

“Leader in patent rights, utility model rights, design rights and trademark rights”

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm provides legal services for patents andutility models with patent attorneys and patent engineers, who are highlyexperienced and knowledgeable in the technical fields of electronics, chemistry,machinery, etc. Our services are provided for not only domestic but foreignpatents and utility models as well, in areas such as the United States, Japan,China, Europe, etc.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm implements strategies to maximize the valueof patents and utility models, by considering patentability and the possibilityof registration, the scope of rights after registration, competitors’ technology, and conflicting relationships. Our patent attorneys and patentengineers are well-versed with years of practical experience in laws andexaminations related to foreign patents. We provide optimized plans to providestrong protection for our clients’ inventions, by being directly involved in theprocesses related to application and registration in different countries havingdifferent systems. In addition, we ensure the safety of technology developed byour clients by striving to strengthen our clients’ patent rights to minimizeinfringement lawsuits and trials.

The 21st Century Patent & Law Firm helps to prevent legal disputes related topatents and utility models. Legal judgments are made with regard to the scope ofrights and as to whether any reasons exist that may result in the invalidationor cancellation of patents and utility models relating to technology with whichour clients wish to do business. Together with this, as patents and utilitymodels are put to practical use as intellectual property, we provide consultingservices in order to maximize our clients’ profits. In addition, gaps intechnology are understood through trend surveys of our clients’ technology andthose of competitors, and as a result, we are able to offer our clients possibledirections in technological development. We provide our clients with a footholdthat allows them to keep one step ahead in a knowledge-based society.

  • Patentability of patents/utility models is assessed throughprior art searches before filing domestic/foreign applications
  • Steps are undertaken to prepare and file domestic/foreign applications.
  • Any notification of reasons for refusal and any decision to refuse a patent areprocessed.
  • Legal services are provided to maintain a patent/utility model.
  • Trials are held in relation to invalidations, confirmation of scope of rights,corrections and nonexclusive licenses.
  • Warning notices are sent and written responses, statements of opinion and legalopinions are prepared according to possible patent/utility model infringement.
  • Lawsuits are filed in the Patent Court or the Supreme Court in relation topatent/utility model infringement
  • Consulting services are provided in relation to patent/utility model assignmentsor license contracts, and any related administrative steps are undertaken
  • Patent information services are provided, including domestic/foreign patenttrend surveys, prior art searches, patent maps and patent dispute maps.